Respect and Indigo Children

cane 1During my time as a school teacher, I have heard things from various different teachers, parents and external stakeholders which can be summed up as phrases such as;

“Students don’t respect their teachers anymore”,
“There is no discipline in schools these days” and
“Students walk all over teachers as they have more rights than teachers”.

What is it that is raising these concerns in teachers, parents and members of the general public? Are teachers and parents really feeling that disempowered because of a ‘lack of discipline’ in schools and at home? Is it because there are new rules that protect children from harm that mean that ‘authority figures’ cannot impose their authority onto those who are not conforming?

Quite the contrary, really. In all honesty, we are witnessing the evolution of the human species. We are moving beyond the need to control others and exerting power in ways that are harmful; physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Let’s face it, Indigo Children can detect truth internally and ever so easily and naturally, whilst Crystal Children are drawn to those with open hearts.

If our children are a part of systems which are not based upon principles and foundations of integrity and honour, then who are they to be named and shamed for doing what could be considered ‘wrong’? Students walk out of class, refuse to do work, speak up and voice their truths, which sometimes escalates into arguments and defiance. What do we make of the situations involving these children, when they simply do not feel comfortable attempting to learn what is not feeling right for them?

Let’s consider Indigo Children at school for example. A teacher is teaching and prior to the lesson informs the students that what they are doing is boring and they need to do it just because they have to. How do you think an Indigo would respond in this situation?

“Teacher, you can’t make me do it. I don’t want to do it. It’s boring”

“Do it now. (Raising Voice). I’m the teacher and you must do your work”

Would a teacher make them do the work? As we write this, we are picturing an image of an Indigo being backed into the corner with their own personal space and integrity boundaries being overstepped. Volcano gives out the tremors and BANG! Books closed, angry words and mood and straight out the door!

3._School_EventsOr what if the school principal is someone who only punishes students without listening to their side of the story? What if the school principal only acknowledges academic pursuits or plays favourites with certain students and families? What kinds of levels of respect will Indigo Children have for them?

Reflecting upon the two scenarios given above, it could even be quite likely that our sample Indigo Child has more respect for the school janitor than the classroom teacher or school principal because the school janitor might be someone who likes to joke around, admire this student’s artworks and enjoy a good conversation with them. This might not fit in with the old ways, but personally, I think it’s a pretty genuine and honest way to demonstrate respect for another.

In the past, it was taught and generally expected that we would grow up and respect our elders, respect those with titles in front of them, those with more money than us, those who wear a particular style of clothes, and so on. With Indigo Children, we are moving to a different level of understanding what respect actually is. Respect is a thing which needs to be really earnt with Indigo Children and not just expected because of age, titles, social status and so on. Let’s bear in mind that many Indigo Children are old, wise souls who may have more experience and wisdom than you yourself even realises. So simply believing that they MUST respect you just because you are older is something that needs reconsideration. We are being taught to respect ourselves, believe in ourselves and what we do, so that these examples can be mirrored and reflected in the ways that we interact and deal with others.

Indigo Children won’t false friendships just for the sake of it, nor will they show their respect just to be nice. You’ll notice the differences in their behaviour and enthusiasm around different people whom they innately get along better with – people whom they appreciate and people who appreciate them.

In our older models of life, whether it be business, family, education, social structures and so on, we were operating under an inbalanced perspective of operating from distorted Masculine (Yang) energy. Masculine energy is outward projecting and focuses on action, logic, practicality and striving. In its distorted form, Masculine energy tends to look like things such as competition, demand, pushiness and struggle. Right now, we are moving to the return of the Feminine (Yin) energy, which is timely with the arrival of Indigo and Crystal Children. Feminine energy turns inwards and focuses on our sensitivity, receptivity, creativity, emotions and intuition.

In other words, what we are literally saying, is that in the past, it would’ve been generally considered the logical thing – older people – younger people. Older people deserve more respect and are always right, whilst younger people must always obey. The dominance of the Masculine energy saw to it that children were pushed and controlled in ways that came from a place of fear.

indexAs we move into an era accomodating the return of the Feminine energy, we are remembering that the world operates on a simple yet profound basis on the law of attraction. Rather than competing for our dominance over others and making children obey, we manifest it through the law of attraction and understanding our own needs and their needs. In doing so, we become more responsive to building positive relationships with students and families and we understand the significance of each others’ roles. We come to a mutual understanding and most importantly, we come from a place of love and respect.

In all honesty, listen to what children have to say. Listen to them voice their feelings, their emotions, their opinions and ideas. They have great wisdom within them that is not simply ruled out or irrelevant just because someone has been on this planet longer than them. Age in Earth years certainly does not absolutely mean that they have been ‘alive’ for a longer time.

indexMother Mary says “in order to teach the world and its incoming generations about respect, then we need to see each other in the world on an equal playing field. In truth, we are all holy children of the Universe, here to make an impact and a profound difference. Love is where each of us is from. Whether we are a man or woman, a child, an animal, of the elemental, the angelic, the crystal kingdoms, of this world or another, it matters not. There is a common thread of unity that unites each and all in one way or another. Respect yourselves and respect each other, honouring what each has to say and honouring each one’s unique way. Live the life that you were born to live, and live your life in service of all that you can give. Receive and accept to Heaven’s fate, of the world you live in, love overruling hate. In this life here and now, the holy presence of life all around.”

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, you are all beautiful. We are all connected by a cosmic web of love and light. Let it shine and let yourselves shine. Acknowledge the light in you as the light in me.

Love from Nathan and Friends

Taming the Indigo Fire

“A Calling to Indigos” –

Indigos, it is time for you to remember who you are and what you are. Find a creative way to express yourself. Allow yourself to release your emotions, especially your anger, in ways that are beneficial to you but are unharmful to those around you. The world is not out to get you! Let us forgive those who did not understand you, for they were only operating at the highest level of consciousness available to them at the time. Let’s forgive the world, and send love into the world. You are here to make a difference and to make that difference you need to come from a place of love. Look into your heart and learn to feel again! Trust your feelings, trust yourself!

You have your own inner power that makes you strong. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. You are very loved and supported. Your ability to take on multiple tasks at once and be successful in all of them is a blessing. You trust your feelings and you follow them as necessary. You speak your truths honestly and as you do so, you live a life that is more authentic to you. You are a great leader who is able to take on great responsibilities. Your impact makes such a difference in the world.

Live your life according to your story that you are writing. Your experience is yours alone. You are here to pave the way for your children and your grandchildren and the generations to come!

Love from Nathan and Friends


Indigo Children have been born in this world for many generations, with a great influx of them from the 1950s onwards. Jesus was an Indigo, as was Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, and maybe even you, the reader. Indigo Children have an innate truth detector – they know when something is not right and they feel it in every part of their body. They have a drive so great that they can achieve almost anything they set their minds on, however they could also be the ones who are working on many different things at once. Multiple projects and interests are derived from feeling based ways of making choices in life, which sadly gets misunderstood as a form of hyperactivity). They have a high degree of sensitivity and because of that, they can detect truth and honesty and are not afraid to go about in expressing it, which can also be misunderstood as hyperactivity. From a young age, they know that they have been for a reason, a purpose, and they can instinctively feel that they are ‘different’ from the current systems and practices in place. Indigo Children have a strong fire inside of them. It is this fire that makes them very passionate about what they do and what they stand for. On the positive side, it can be what pushes them to achieve so much, however on the flipside, it can be what fuels an intense temperament otherwise.

In my schooling days, the increase of Indigo Children became more apparent when there was an increase in the number of children with ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactive Disorder). Many of these children were and are still known as the naughty children who were disruptive and unable to sit still. They called out and loved attention. Many of these children were and still are being medicated, thus creating a sedative-like effect on them, which in turn limited them from their natural gifts. With a misunderstanding like that, it is easy to understand why many Indigos today feel angry with the world that they grew up in. They were labelled and thus identified with the labels. therefore having impacts on their self-esteem and identity, allowing these labels to manifest in their lives and control them. With anger fuelling their lives, many displaced Indigos find themselves attracting violence and anti-social behaviour into their lives and in worst case scenarios, take it out on other people when all else fails.

When doing my research before writing this blog to see if there were other online blogs focused around Indigo children, many of the things that I had found, surely enough were from Indigo Children. However, perhaps they had not learn to tame their fire, for the content was very negative, unhopeful, and they were lost. This post is not intended to point fingers at anyone, for everyone has my compassion and my love.

It really makes a difference when one who feels different or displaced can understand and connect with themselves and others, realising that they are not all that isolated or alone at all! If you are an Indigo or you know of one who is feeling displaced, turning to anti-social behaviour to cope, I would encourage them to connect with like minds, actually even just learn more about Indigo Children themselves. Learn about who you are, what you are, and where you are. You are here for a very special reason.

There is hope for the planet. Many who are just like you are waking up again. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, you know you’ve been different all of your life and waiting to connect with others just like you. They are out there! As consciousness rises and humanity evolves, it is true to say that we are in fact mutating to an extent of evolution. Higher sensitivity, increased awareness, higher levels of consciousness, enhanced levels of manifestation and advanced levels of spiritual and psychic abilities. It’s all happening and it’s all very real! Take note of the children and the young ones who are achieving such great things today. Childhood and teenage inventors, solutions to aid the environment, generate new forms of electricity and the like. Schools for the gifted and children’s and parents’ groups!

Reach out, connect, and let your passionate fire serve you in the world as you serve it. The Earth needs you!