Indigo Children: Visionary Leaders

leadership-153250_640One thing that I have noticed about many Indigo Children is that they are strong and passionate people who make dedicated and focused leaders. The main reason being, that Indigo Children, with their strong strive for the truth and integrity behind their own expressions and what they stand for, are able to channel their creativity in such spontaneous ways. The creativity of an Indigo Child goes beyond measure. This is evident when you take into account the fact that these children begin one project and another and then another. Indigo Children act from their feelings, as they are very right-brained oriented, and this surge of creative design and implemented action is just what any kind of group or organisation of like minds needs to lead them.

Indigo Children, with their high sense of spontaneouty and creative ideas have the potential to provide such a deep level of inspiration that engages the true meaning behind what they are so passionate about. Whilst they might not always get the job done on time, it’s the abilities that they have in generating ideas and beginning them which makes them good leaders. They’re the responsible driving force behind all those exciting new ideas of meaningful organisations. As there needs to be balance in any group or organisation, it can be up to others to follow up on the projects that have begun, whilst new ideas are always springing to life from the Indigo leaders.

My friends, this is just one of the ways that the creative and spontaneous Indigo fire can be channeled to support a purpose. Let the ideas flow out naturally without taking away from the channel itself, and let it come about naturally. As the Indigo Children tend to receive a high amount of information from being Claircognisiant, meaning they have a deep connection to the collective unconscious, this also means that they may not necessarily be able to control what information flows through or when. Keeping this in mind, supportive people can drive and further develop these ideas, whilst the creative indigo continues to supply the ideas rapidly.

From examples I have seen in my experiences growing up as and working with these children, is evident when it comes to group tasks. Sometimes it feels difficult to get started and stay focused on beginning one task or idea. As an Indigo, it almost feels like there is so much excitement about the ideas coming through, so much so, that sometimes it can feel like the amount of choices is overwhelming! That is why we need to work with others who can support us in nurturing the ideas that come through us. The over-excitedness can mean that we can’t stop and it can mean that we don’t finish creative projects if we are left at the helm of making all the decisions.

GrassrootsLeadershipWorking with Indigo Children promotes and encourages everyone to have their say, because whilst ideas keep on coming through, it takes a lot input in a group to bring out thebest potential of that idea- to nurture the plant and really allow it to grow to its fullest. Indigo Children could be seen as the people who want to level the playing field in the hierarchies. As we reflect upon the concepts of nurtured creativity and guided directions for expansion, it brings about a sense of empowered responsibility – to realise and understand that we are not actually as incompetent as we were told in the past, for ‘not finishing work’ or for ‘starting too many things at once’ or being ‘unsettled’.

To understand how our creativity works unlocks a whole new way to understand what it means to be creative and what it means to be supported.

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, today is a day to acknowledge the flow of great ideas that come to you. To recognise that your ideas are shared ideas in this great ocean of creativity in union with Spirit. Recognise your creativity as an extension of the Creator within you. Each one of you has a unique way to express your creativity and no one is here to tell you otherwise. Allow yourselves to fully shine and reach for the stars.

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends

Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Agriculture

As we have already discussed in previous posts on Diary Indigo, sunlight, fresh air, nature, physical activity and community are essential things that Indigo and Crystal Children innately know that they need in their lives. They’ll do what they can to get these things and when they’re in need of them, look out, because you’ll be the first to know about it. First comes the fidgeting, then comes the boredom, the standing up and moving around the classroom. This then leads to the calling out in the classroom, climbing chairs, tables, throwing things, not paying attention, not caring about their classwork, then walking out the door.

These are just some examples of behaviours that children can demonstrate. Remember, every behaviour is a result of communicating a need which hasn’t been met. Let’s face it, we’re not here to please everybody, but in saying this, we also need to consider what others’ needs are and how we can work together to achieve the best potential for each and all.

Agriculture being taught in schools is something that we have been pondering about lately, for it seems to have so many positive benefits for Indigo and Crystal Children and it seems like they naturally gravitate towards it. As a schoimagesol subject, Agriculture teaches children about the importance of various practices, which builds links between their desire to seek truth and reasoning behind things and their physical efforts. Agriculture goes beyond the books because it teaches students the qualities of patience, persistence and the feeling of reaping what is sown.

For Indigo Children who have much energy to expend and are not the kind of children to sit still, they are in their element being able to move physically. The time spent outdoors equals to exposure to the sunlight, which equals to increases in Serotonin. Serotonin levels are linked to relaxed states of minds, balanced hormones and overall lower levels of stress. Overactive minds sure could use a lot more of it! Higher levels of Serotonin also translate into higher levels of rest, hence creating calmer minds and calmer bodies.

For learners who learn visually, there is much to see that is going on in the world and Agriculture is something that assists them in cultivating this vision. Whatever is planted and nurtured becomes a part of a creative process far greater than what was originally conceived in thought. Agriculture reflects on a level of self-empowerment and responsibilty, driving children to manage their own resources and be in control of what they produce. It reflects on the old ways and days, when we used to connect to nature so easily and freely. Sure there are modern conveniences in today’s world, but how many of us can say that we are able to connect to all these positive benefits that come about from something like studying, practising and applying principles of Agriculture, through other means?

9191524683_13b96aa2f3_zIn witnessing the way that children engage with their environment, we see Agriculture as something that is so vital for today’s developing children. Not just for the sake of growing their own food and looking after other animals, but also for the sense community that it brings about. Indigos in their element being leaders, being nurturers, planters and creators whilst Crystal Children are able to connect with nature and share their love with the plants and animals. Between both groups of children, they are able to develop positive social interactions through working together and they can feel like they are contributing in worthy and significant ways. It makes them feel valued – something which is quite often overlooked, because the labels that they are originally given, have them perceive themselves as ‘broken’ or ‘incapable’.

Today I was fortunate to spend the whole day with some Agriculture students and to see what an inspiring teacher they have to lead them, to facilitate a love of learning and a love of nature. It is wonderful to see this passion in a teacher, transmitted to their students. I truly believe that in order to be great teachers, we honestly need to show to our students that we are enthusiastic about what we are teaching. Let’s also remember that Indigo and Crystal Children are sensitive to our thoughts and emotions, so let’s face it, they’ll know when you’re enjoying what you’re teaching and you’ll know that they’ll enjoy what they’ll be learning about too.

My Indigo and Crystal Brothers and Sisters, each of you impacts the world in far more significant ways than you realise. You all shine such beautiful light into the world and spread it in all such unique ways. Unite together, share a common purpose and share the love.

Indigo Children who Start Too Many Things at Once: Toys all over the floor, unfinished projects and the need for the latest gadgets

How many times have you seen one of the Indigo Children in your life, go from one thing to another, perhaps without even finishing it? They start one thing and then they start another and another. Or they may be the children who always want the latest toys, games and gadgets?

“Why?”, you may ask?

Well simply because Indigos go with their feelings and do what they feel they need to do at the time. To some, this may look like one of the characteristics saying that they have defecits in attention and cannot concentrate. It is quite contrary to this however, because Indigo Children feel that driven by their feelings and their focus, combined with the fact that they are old souls, who recognise that time on Earth is limited. Add the two together and you have a person who feels like everything needs to be done (or started) in as short amount of time as possible.

For some Indigo Children, they can be overwhelmed by the amount of creative outlets or ventures that they wish to express themselves. Like water flowing into a cup from the Universe, you could think of Indigo Children as people who have their Crown Chakras open with information flowing through constantly. Whether they choose to tune into this or not is up to them and up to how their gifts are accepted, celebrated and nurtured.

Because of this overflowing cup, it is like their is a constant flow of energy, creativity and flow that needs to come out into the world. For parents and teachers, it is really important to be able to support this high level of expression. Encourage their interests and give them time and space to break things down into smaller parts and tasks so that their outpour of information does not contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed, hence perhaps leading to the creation of unfocused attention in some cases.

What we are witnessing with Indigo Children is an evolution in cognition rather than children who cannot pay attention in class or home and focus on one thing. Their ability to literally envision so many different things at once is exciting! Teach them how to break things down. Teach them to write down all the ideas that come to them so that they can refer back to this later. By doing this, Indigos are given a chance to keep a record of the ideas that have come to them. This may give them a chance to focus on and actually finish tasks and projects without beginning too many at once. Step by step they can return to what ideas they had in mind and it gives them a chance to feel like they are achieving something. It is empowering and inspiring at the same time!

Let them go with their feelings but also support them in developing concentration through their passions. These are children who are simply not fitting the old models of education and need a bit more freedom in the ways that they learn and express themselves. 

To all of my Indigo Brothers and Sisters, your creativity is a blessing. It is one of your greatest gifts. There is nothing wrong with your imagination, it is just that many around you had forgotten about this great skill in itself. Use your imagination and create wonders in your worlds, in your lives, in your hearts. Share the love and may all of your dreams come true.

Love from Nathan and Friends.