Promoting Unity

Recently I was asked to give a talk on Indigo Children at a design college in Sydney, in front of a panel of academics. I was asked a very simple question which had a very profound answer.

It was something along the lines of ‘if Indigo Children know that they are Indigo Children, what gives them the right to feel like they are in a class of their own?’

To reflect on the nature of this question, yes labels or any sort create a unique signature towards it. And yes children potentially will align or associate with it. What we are aiming to do with our work with Indigo Children is to really look at alternatives to the establishment; the potential misconceptions of the ‘epidemic’-like increases in numbers of children being diagnosed, drugged and misunderstood.

The reasoning behind this work with Indigo Children is not to create separation or to encourage children to think that they are superior, more advanced or better than anybody else, but simply put, we are wishing to express another perspective on ADHD, and to break away from the pre-existing conventions associated with it. Whilst we do acknowledge and respect medical and scientific communities with what they have established, the path which this takes feels like the next step.

The Indigo Children are here and have been for several generations now. While this is expressing one way in which the human species is evolving, with our return to trusting our feelings, intuition, being honest, passionate and willing to focus on life mission, working with, teaching, raising and being inspired by Indigo Children reminds us of aspects within us that we also have access to. It’s all about sharing the love, honouring and respecting who they are and who we are, so that we can maximise our potential, Divinity included, as one of the life purposes of coming here to Earth in the first place.

It isn’t about telling someone, who is broken, better, superior or not and so on. To be honest, I have come across some Indigo Children in the past who did misunderstand this and expressed ulterior motives of being superior in an egotistical way, and this is not empowering either. All in all, it is about teaching and learning from one another, remembering that all of us, as holy children of the Universe, have beautiful gifts and talents to share, and that we are all perfect and enough, just the way that we are.

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, you are all perfect just as you are. You are equal to all on this Earth, just as everyone embodies the spark of Divine love and life. Be free to express yourselves and know that you are all free to be yourselves and to shine.

Blessings and love
Nathan and Friends O:)

Conscious Connections

Conscious Connections

Growing up sensitive to others’ energies, thoughts and emotions, I picked and chose who I was comfortable around and my body language, words and actions were reflective of that. It didn’t really matter who it was, whether it was a relative, classmate, friend of a friend, colleague or family member’s friend, associate and so forth.

For that reason, I can remember being asked if I was being shy or rude, or at other times, oppositional or defiant, but when it comes down to it, I think it is neither. Today we are going to explore another perspective.

As many of us were taught to speak politely and respect our elders, those with a certain title, status and make friends with all of our classmates, as an Indigo, I believe that this can be a difficult thing to do, given our level of sensitivity.

Reflecting on this, I can remember times in my life where I have respected and liked the school maintainence worker than the school principal or the individual classmate than the popular, attention seeking ones.

The Indigo has an inner radar which can pick up on the energy, emotions and integrity of another person. Ever get that feeling of picking up a certain vibe from another person? Is their energy draining to be around? Maybe you are picking up on their dishonesty or selfish intentions? Perhaps it is left over junk from a high stress lifestyle?Maybe a vibe that they are not welcoming to you and you feel a bit tense in the stomach?
It could really be anything, however we’re not here to judge others.

So let’s say we are in the presence of someone whom we feel like we are closing off from. Imagine feeling that through your whole entire body; your stomach clenches when you are in the presence of this person, your mouth freezes or clamps shut as you open your mouth to speak, your ears switch off, and you feel sleepy or dizzy around this person.

It might look like shyness or rudeness on the outside but on the inside, this is sensitivity kicking in. It’s not something that can be just turned off either. Of course you can choose to ignore it, but us Indigos also do not feel the need for connections that are not authentic. Deep down inside we are aware of working with the law of attraction to attract what we need and if a connection is not authentic then perhaps that will create more drama or tension in our own bodies too.

When I see and experience this, it is like a brown foggy liquid or energy is pouring out of a person and splashing everywhere onto others.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m excluding myself from others nor do I want to sound like this is the attitude of Indigo children and people with higher sensitivity to others, however you could also think of how a baby responds around certain people too. They have a high level of sensitivity and it just so happens that many of us are conditioned to maintain certain social standards that makes us ignore our true feelings and energetic needs in response to what is going on and who is around us.

It would be unrealistic to avoid every kind of interaction with others during our day to day lives, and we all have different things which resonate with us and don’t resonate with us. This also includes people and specific social dynamics. The cost of sensitivity is sensitivity so as we become more in touch with ourselves, the more of a priority our energetic balance will become as we become more and more aware of it.

I’d like you to illustrate the idea of energetic interactions as fingerprints on our own energy field. Uplifting people and experiences compliment your energy field while the opposite kind of feeling happens with the opposite experience. At the beginning or end of the day or whenever you are feeling like you’ve been around a draining person or situation, call upon Archangel Michael and visualise a cocoon of violet light encapsulating you. Energy work, yoga, meditation, visualisations, sea salt baths, connecting with nature and smudging with sage are some great ways to cleanse your energy and uplift your spirit too.

“My Indigo Brothers and Sisters you have interacted with others naturally and perfectly. You’ve done nothing wrong for taking care of your own needs. You are perfect just the way you are!”

“Archangel Michael I call upon you now. Please come to me and surround me in your violet cocoon of energy. Please release anything which I don’t need anymore and anything which doesn’t belong to me.”


Evolving Children, Evolving Consciousness

The last four decades or so has seen the tip of the iceburg of human evolution occur. The children coming through in large numbers, beginning with the Indigo Children in masses from the 1950s to 1990s, the Crystal Children from the 1990s onwards and more recently but in fewer numbers at this point in time, Rainbow Children (which we’ll talk about in another entry). Let us remind you, that all of these generations of children are a reminder of the great potential that exists within us all as we find our way to reconnect with Source; our Divinity and our connection to Spirit through an internal, inward journey shared with the world surrounding. Today, we’re going to highlight Indigo and Crystal Children and some of the ways which they represent generations of the evolving human race.48 the peace rainbow

The influx of Indigo Children, saw an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. What is it really? Is it a scientific or medical label given to children who are said to be hyperactive, inattentive, fiery tempered and trouble-makers? System-busters? Are we offered alternative perspectives on what really is at the truth of the matter here? These are the children who started coming to Earth with higher degrees of sensitivity to emotions, energies and chemicals, psychic and intuitive awareness, and a burning desire to maintain truth and integrity.

Indigo Children, being more intuitive, are open to receiving more information or channeling it, from non-physical origins in an energetic sense. They pay close attention to their feelings and trust them without a doubt. In a world of diagnosis, this could be seen as impulsivity, as their connection to their feelings, leads to doing things that they feel like. It also needs to be noted that an Indigo Child’s sensitivity to ingredients in foods, such as food colouring and sugar can create either a sedative or a stimulant effect, raising questions about their ‘inattention’ and ‘hyperactivity. Indigo Children understand their need for movement to detox and decrease their levels of stress. Whilst a child could seem to get bored easily or wiggle in their seat as an intuitive, automated response to these things, it could also be misinterpreted as a form of hyperactivity.

The 1990s saw the emergence of Crystal Children and interestingly enough, from this time onward, it also saw the emergence of a ‘worldwide epidemic’ of Autism and Aspergers. Without ruling out the existence of children along the ASD Spectrum, I would like to mention early on, that Crystal Children do not necessarily have Autistm or Aspergers, just as children on the Autism Spectrum do not always have to be Crystal Children. Part of the high incidence of this comes with what we are about to discuss.

Crystal Children are the next wave of children coming to Earth and they can be described as children with large round eyes, regardless of their race. They are very affectionate, very sensitive to emotions, energies, chemicals and foods, and they are highly psychic. Crystal Children love crystals and nature. Crystal Children can be a bit shy compared to their Indigo brothers and sisters, however you’ll know that you’re in the presence of a Crystal Child when you feel the pure, unconditional love that radiates from them. Being highly psychic, Crystal Children are often quite telepathic and may be late talkers, communicating with body language, grunts and their own noises if they need to communicate physically. Scientific communities do not even doubt the existence of telepathy anymore, however the problems arise when Crystal Children communicating through telepathy are not being heard by their parents and or carers. Late talking then warrants the need for a diagnosis by concerned parents and medical professionals, which has led to the increases in these cases. Autistic children may seem in their own world, carrying on with repetitive behaviours and they do not connect with others. Crystal Children on the other hand, are extremely affectionate.

We are witnessing the evolution of the human species here, as the generations being born are evolving in consciousness, demonstrating the existence and connection of Spirit within each and all of us. These children teach us things such as how to treat our bodies through nutrition, exercise and sunlight, and they remind us about our connection to each other, the inner and outer worlds, and the love that unites us all.

These children don’t need drugs, nor do they deserve disempowering labels or misinformation! They don’t need to feel like they don’t belong or they’re not important, nor do they need to feel like they are here to cause trouble or be a burden on society and the communities that they are a part of. Indigo and Crystal Children represent the great factors that make up who we are and what we are, and the impact that we can make on the world. As the Indigo Children pull out the old weeds of the past in corrupt, outdated models, the Crystal Children are here to plant seeds for the future and the direction that the world is heading in. In our next post, we’d like to explore what this means for educators in terms of Evolving Children, Evolving Consciousness and the need for Evolving Curriculum and Pedagogy.

My Indigo and Crystal Brothers and Sisters, Return to who you are, what you are, and where you are. You are far greater than you realise. Today it is my prayer and intention that you’ll remember, share and impart these truths about yourselves. You are perfect just the way you are and a gift and a blessing to yourself and the worlds within you and outside of you.

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends O:)

Indigo Children, Defiance and the Classroom: “Why do we have to do this at School?” “I’m Bored” “I’m Outta Here”

Do really we have to do this Miss?” I asked.
I BEG YOUR PARDON?” said the teacher.
I feel this isn’t important because I won’t need to know it when I grow up”.

I can clearly remember saying this scene clearly in mind as if it were last week. I can remember getting reprimanded for speaking my mind and speaking my truth. I knew that I wasn’t interested in what i was learning in my Grade 3 Religion lesson. I was being honest and I was punished. “What relevance did this have in my life and future?” I wondered. I could feel and see that it didn’t. I knew. However I still didn’t get my answer and I am pretty sure it’s still a common thing going on in classrooms and schools today. I am grateful that as a visiting teacher, we are given a bit more freedom with what we can do during the day at school.

First things first, I know that kids can naturally get bored and seek out more engaging things. It happens all the time. Even if they don’t say it they might act out or refuse to do anything. Today I’d like to talk about this from an Indigo perspective.

In older generations of schooling, sure we may have gotten bored, however there may have been a higher tendency to reserve or stuff down feelings in fear of getting reprimanded or punished verbally or physically and usually the response to “do we really have to this Miss or Sir?” would be “yes it’s in the curriculum and you have to do it because you have to.” Naturally kids would say “Okay”, and continue with what they were doing.
Things were a bit different back then in terms of the school system, disciplining children and the ways that children were taught.

Reflecting upon these and comparing this with the  more diverse needs of students and teachers these days responding to a simple, honest question of a young person in a classroom withindex “because you have to” simply isn’t going to cut it. Remember that Indigos can detect truth in the words, feelings and responses of those around them, themselves included. They are also quite intuitive so they’ll have an inborn sensitivity and greater level of extra-sensory perception. So what if they really are seeing in their futures that they won’t need to know what they’re being taught in school?

So if you think about a teacher who simply tells them “because they have to“, do you really think an Indigo Child is going to believe them? How about the Indigo can sense that he or she won’t be needing to recall any of this knowledge in their future? What if these children can sense in the teachers, that they too know that this knowledge is irrelevant or not important in the future? Where does that leave the teacher and the student?

Well for the Indigo who acts upon their feelings, then they’re not going to pay attention or they’re not going to be very interested in what’s going on. If there’s no relevance in their lives then perhaps they may even feel compelled to leave the learning environment, and in older kids, they may skip classes or school, play up in the classroom or tune into their own world.

It’s not to say that school education is insignificant to these children, moreso, they are seeking answers and we need to be prepared to answer them or to ask them more questions to guide them along their own inquiry of life. Perhaps as a teacher you could focus on what skills and values they are actually learning and link this into their everyday life experience. Integrate learning into contexts which are significant to them. Think carefully about what you say to them, because if you’re coming from a place that is uncertain, then how can they trust you and what you’ve got to offer?

Also keep in mind that learning new skills offers them the opportunity to open up and access neural pathways. Expanding their awareness and their skill sets rather than simply filling them with facts and figures. Explore different ways of teaching. There are many different styles to teach, not simply just chalk and talk, textbooks and reading, writing and arithmetic.

Another thing to remember is that discipline in some cases only reinforces a child’s behaviour, ironically, making them aware that they can get out of doing something by not doing it in the first place and thus being removed. It also has implications of coming from a fear based perspective (eg. do something this way or else this outcome will happen to you), so how about being a teacher by living and leading by example? If you want the children to be interested in what you’ve got to teach, make sure you’re interested in it too. Make sure you make it engaging and inclusive for everyone!

Be creative in your teaching and allow your students to be the same. Let them genuinely express themselves and their ideas and experiences of education. I understand the work of a teacher and the fact that they need to meet the standards of syllabus documents and such and I have much respect for the work that you do. It’s time to see Indigo Children and or ADHD children as a generation of emerging and developing cognition. Think outside the box and remember that just because you are a teacher, that doesn’t mean that you are no longer a student. The kids in your classroom are your teachers as you are theirs. Be the one who empowers them to seek answers and ask questions in their learning and be the one who encourages them to explore through connecting with them and what they hold in their hearts.

Sometimes school is unable to cater for some people whose interests are aligned elsewhere. That’s absolutely fine and just because school isn’t your thing, that doesn’t make you a failure of the system or a failure of life. I know many Indigos who felt alien in the school system and since leaving formal schooling they’ve excelled in their passions and are giving life all they’ve got. They’re the ones making a difference, showing the younger ones that when you find what your heart calls for you can achieve anything.


“Why don’t you just turn it off?” “Why don’t you just try and be normal?”

Experiencing life as a spiritual being is not something that you can turn on or off. Once you’ve crossed the river, there’s no turning back. It’s like discovering that you are alive in another way. When you’re aware that you are alive, that you have a soul, there is no possible way that could ignore your own life whilst still being here.

For me, growing up as an intuitive and sensitive child, it was like being naturally aware and switched on to my own thoughts and feelings quite regularly. I knew what others were feeling and thinking. I saw through people who were not honest. I knew when I was being lied to. I knew when something wasn’t right. I connected with people who I could see as my friends and I could trust instantly rather than connecting with anyone and figuring it out later.

I came from a Catholic background and I was shy about sharing my spiritual gifts like I was some kind of naughty alien. (In retrospect, Hiding from what was natural to me was what actually made me the alien!) We never, ever spoke about these things at home or school. I felt confused and powerless because I was taught one thing in school but I was experiencing things differently and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Growing up through my teenage years meant that it was important to be ‘normal’, so I hid from my spiritual gifts. I covered my ears and eyes. I blocked my heart and I ignored messages from Spirit.

Oh it made the road so much more bumpier! So many “should haves” and “would haves” because I had a hunch about something or someone and didn’t follow through with it.

Maybe it was just a lucky guess“, I would say to myself afterwards. That was my comfort phrase. These ‘lucky guesses’ were the same kinds of things that forewarned me about two consecutive knee injuries that I had. I ignored them and it set me back on the path to remembering, strengthening and nurturing whatever this feeling or skill was. I didn’t know what to call it because when I was a child, I didn’t even know there was a name for it, because I was just being normal in my soul’s own eyes, heart and mind.

And so began my journey to reconnect with my Spirituality when I was 20 years old.


Connection to Spirit and communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides through feeling, sight, sound and thought is perfectly normal and natural. With whatever we try to hide from ourselves or others, we end up expending a lot more energy and causing more stress to ourselves and those around us. Be authentic in expressing yourself and you’ll attract experiences that are relevant and authentic to you. This might not always mean the easiest path but it is the most rewarding, fulfiling and nourishing one at that.

To be normal is to be natural and comfortable with yourself before considering what level of comfort others have with you. Be honest with yourself and appreciate yourself for all that you are and all that you have. Imagine what could be achieved if everyone knew what their soul’s desires were? This takes me to where I am on my journey now and my passion and intention to empower, educate and enlighten children and their parents and teachers on the magic that will always be a part of their lives. We will explore this in further detail as this blog progresses 🙂

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends.