Respect and Indigo Children

cane 1During my time as a school teacher, I have heard things from various different teachers, parents and external stakeholders which can be summed up as phrases such as;

“Students don’t respect their teachers anymore”,
“There is no discipline in schools these days” and
“Students walk all over teachers as they have more rights than teachers”.

What is it that is raising these concerns in teachers, parents and members of the general public? Are teachers and parents really feeling that disempowered because of a ‘lack of discipline’ in schools and at home? Is it because there are new rules that protect children from harm that mean that ‘authority figures’ cannot impose their authority onto those who are not conforming?

Quite the contrary, really. In all honesty, we are witnessing the evolution of the human species. We are moving beyond the need to control others and exerting power in ways that are harmful; physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Let’s face it, Indigo Children can detect truth internally and ever so easily and naturally, whilst Crystal Children are drawn to those with open hearts.

If our children are a part of systems which are not based upon principles and foundations of integrity and honour, then who are they to be named and shamed for doing what could be considered ‘wrong’? Students walk out of class, refuse to do work, speak up and voice their truths, which sometimes escalates into arguments and defiance. What do we make of the situations involving these children, when they simply do not feel comfortable attempting to learn what is not feeling right for them?

Let’s consider Indigo Children at school for example. A teacher is teaching and prior to the lesson informs the students that what they are doing is boring and they need to do it just because they have to. How do you think an Indigo would respond in this situation?

“Teacher, you can’t make me do it. I don’t want to do it. It’s boring”

“Do it now. (Raising Voice). I’m the teacher and you must do your work”

Would a teacher make them do the work? As we write this, we are picturing an image of an Indigo being backed into the corner with their own personal space and integrity boundaries being overstepped. Volcano gives out the tremors and BANG! Books closed, angry words and mood and straight out the door!

3._School_EventsOr what if the school principal is someone who only punishes students without listening to their side of the story? What if the school principal only acknowledges academic pursuits or plays favourites with certain students and families? What kinds of levels of respect will Indigo Children have for them?

Reflecting upon the two scenarios given above, it could even be quite likely that our sample Indigo Child has more respect for the school janitor than the classroom teacher or school principal because the school janitor might be someone who likes to joke around, admire this student’s artworks and enjoy a good conversation with them. This might not fit in with the old ways, but personally, I think it’s a pretty genuine and honest way to demonstrate respect for another.

In the past, it was taught and generally expected that we would grow up and respect our elders, respect those with titles in front of them, those with more money than us, those who wear a particular style of clothes, and so on. With Indigo Children, we are moving to a different level of understanding what respect actually is. Respect is a thing which needs to be really earnt with Indigo Children and not just expected because of age, titles, social status and so on. Let’s bear in mind that many Indigo Children are old, wise souls who may have more experience and wisdom than you yourself even realises. So simply believing that they MUST respect you just because you are older is something that needs reconsideration. We are being taught to respect ourselves, believe in ourselves and what we do, so that these examples can be mirrored and reflected in the ways that we interact and deal with others.

Indigo Children won’t false friendships just for the sake of it, nor will they show their respect just to be nice. You’ll notice the differences in their behaviour and enthusiasm around different people whom they innately get along better with – people whom they appreciate and people who appreciate them.

In our older models of life, whether it be business, family, education, social structures and so on, we were operating under an inbalanced perspective of operating from distorted Masculine (Yang) energy. Masculine energy is outward projecting and focuses on action, logic, practicality and striving. In its distorted form, Masculine energy tends to look like things such as competition, demand, pushiness and struggle. Right now, we are moving to the return of the Feminine (Yin) energy, which is timely with the arrival of Indigo and Crystal Children. Feminine energy turns inwards and focuses on our sensitivity, receptivity, creativity, emotions and intuition.

In other words, what we are literally saying, is that in the past, it would’ve been generally considered the logical thing – older people – younger people. Older people deserve more respect and are always right, whilst younger people must always obey. The dominance of the Masculine energy saw to it that children were pushed and controlled in ways that came from a place of fear.

indexAs we move into an era accomodating the return of the Feminine energy, we are remembering that the world operates on a simple yet profound basis on the law of attraction. Rather than competing for our dominance over others and making children obey, we manifest it through the law of attraction and understanding our own needs and their needs. In doing so, we become more responsive to building positive relationships with students and families and we understand the significance of each others’ roles. We come to a mutual understanding and most importantly, we come from a place of love and respect.

In all honesty, listen to what children have to say. Listen to them voice their feelings, their emotions, their opinions and ideas. They have great wisdom within them that is not simply ruled out or irrelevant just because someone has been on this planet longer than them. Age in Earth years certainly does not absolutely mean that they have been ‘alive’ for a longer time.

indexMother Mary says “in order to teach the world and its incoming generations about respect, then we need to see each other in the world on an equal playing field. In truth, we are all holy children of the Universe, here to make an impact and a profound difference. Love is where each of us is from. Whether we are a man or woman, a child, an animal, of the elemental, the angelic, the crystal kingdoms, of this world or another, it matters not. There is a common thread of unity that unites each and all in one way or another. Respect yourselves and respect each other, honouring what each has to say and honouring each one’s unique way. Live the life that you were born to live, and live your life in service of all that you can give. Receive and accept to Heaven’s fate, of the world you live in, love overruling hate. In this life here and now, the holy presence of life all around.”

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, you are all beautiful. We are all connected by a cosmic web of love and light. Let it shine and let yourselves shine. Acknowledge the light in you as the light in me.

Love from Nathan and Friends

Angry, Fiery Indigos

Indigo Children are known for their fiery energy. When channeled effectively into passionate, driven ways and areas of life, it leads the child and individual streaming down multiple streamlines of creativity, opening them up to a world of unlimited possibilities. All of this is driven towards a purpose. Once an Indigo Child is set on something, there’s no stopping them because they are so feeling oriented that trying to divert them would mean simply being knocked over by the whirlwind of energy that is them.

Considering this deep passion from a positive sense, when driven the opposite way, there still is no stopping them once a certain idea, thought and intention is behind them. Perhaps there may be times where the Indigo feels so intent based on their feelings and hasn’t balanced out these feelings with the headspace – the practicality, the implicatioPuu_Oo_croppedns of what they may be opening themselves and others up to.

Let’s take for example when an Indigo is say highly stressed, upset or very very angry. Someone has played a joke on them that has been misunderstood or someone has picked on them and their anger has built. It has accumulated. The Indigo lashes out and unleashes their anger upon the person because of how they are feeling, without considering what effect it may have on everyone else afterwards.

For Indigos, one of the BIGGEST lessons to learn is to manage their anger. Imagine this pressure cooker, building, building, gathering energy, gathering steam from the esteem issues that they may face, the teasing and put downs by teachers, other students, family members and friends. Watch out if this rage erupts like a volcano. Usually children who are carrying a lot of anger will seem more tense, defiant towards authority, edgy, anxious or short tempered and it can go towards two common scenarios:
1. An addiction to violent video games, movies and imagery
2. Lashing out and setting upon others, using others literally as their punching bags in a range of cases.

For us parents, teachers and children, we can be more aware of the impact that we have on others and what we can set ourselves and others up for. If we are here to teach these children about peace and usher in a new wave of it, then we need to find it within ourselves first and foremost. Let’s remind each and every one of us, that we are all holy children of the Universe. The Creator did not create demeaning, disempowering labels, medical communities did. Anger is the lashback that comes from a place of fear.

Let’s think of some ways that we can help manage anger and release it in healthy ways;

  • Martial Arts is a great way to connect physical energy and emotions – not to say that it teaches people to fight others. Rather it teaches people self-discipline, self-cultivation and relaxation. At a martial level, any tension or stress actually decreases one’s ability to remain in control of a situation or apply or exert force. Imagine if this were the case in a confrontation? Remember in one of our previous articles, we mentioned that exercise and physical activity increases serotonin, therefore decreasing stress.
  • Fresh air and nature brings one closer to the natural flow of energy, detoxing and cleansing. Studies show that nature sounds have very calming and soothing effects on our feelings and emotions. Send your kids outside if they’re getting agitated or frustrated.
  • Journalling helps us to connect with our emotions and explore our feelings. Try writing out your emotions and the things that are bothering you and then tear up or burn the paper as a way of letting it all go.
  • Listening to or playing music has a very theruapetic effect on our brains and can shift the energies of various emotions
  • Set up a calming and cooling down area in your home or classroom for a child to go to when they need time out from all the stimulation of the home and classroom environment. Teach countdown methods – eg. 1. Becoming self aware of behaviour. “How do I feel right now?”
    2. Making a choice, “Is this what I really want? Is there another way?”
    3. Calming and returning, “I’ll remove myself from this situation and return when I am ready”.

As parents and teachers, we are certain you’ll be able to pick up on these things before they happen, however if we can set our children up to self-regulate their behaviours, feelings and emotions, there is always a brighter side to approaching this. Keep in mind that anger is healthy to express and it is the build up and eruption of it that can reach concerning levels with Indigos. Talk to yourselves and know when you’re feeling one way or another. Enlighten yourselves by listening to your feelings and what you are really saying about yourself and others. Is this what you really want? Are you sure? There is always another way, there is always hope!

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, you have nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to hide. You are celebrated for all that you are and all that you have, because at the end of the day, you are a perfect and special being. Born of love and deserving love in every moment.

Love from Nathan and Friends O:)