Masculine and Feminine Energy

Everything that we engage with and experience in our lives is energy. We are all made up of energy in a metaphysical sense, as that is what our spirit or life essence is. The Universe is this same energy too, as is all living organisms.

We are made up of both Masculine and Feminine energy. By Masculine and Feminine, we are not referring to gender as in a man or a woman. We are talking about the direction in which energy flows, much like how energy of a circuit flows.

Masculine energy is outward and can be expressed and experienced as everything that we think, say or do in our lives. It is the practical element of your life expression.

Feminine energy is inward, and it is receptive in nature. It is patient, waiting for inspiration in moments of stillness. It is nurturing, artistic, creative and intuitive.

We could illustrate this concept through the analogy of a post office. Masculine energy is responsible for posting the letter at the post office while Feminine energy trusts that the letter will be delivered. It wouldn’t be appropriate to keep posting the same message to someone over and over again each day to hurry a response, nor would it be appropriate if you called the recipient or post office to see if your letter has been sent or received yet.

We all need a balance of both to be able to manifest our desired life experiences. Too much Masculine energy could be seen as all action and irrational thinking and inadequate inspiration, purpose or passion. Too much Feminine energy on the other hand might look like too much distraction, sidetracking and fear of taking action on the inspiration and guidance of spirit.

Innately we come into this life with an inherent knowledge of this, as we are born to trust our feelings and act upon our instincts. As we grow up through the movements of life, different influences sway us towards a common social context which places value on high productivity, competitiveness and strive for power and control. 

Relating this to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, they know what their needs are and they have come here, knowing what they want deep down. Today we encourage you to please, listen to them, offer them your support on whatever path or decisions they make, no matter how big or small, and honour them and their ability to try things out and understand the world they live in.

To drift away from their true nature is to slow down their progress towards living enriching and fulfilled lives, and to nurture them is to bring out the best in them and to enable them to spread their wings and shine. 

If a child wants to participate in a certain activity, perhaps they have the insight and feelings which urge them to do so. If a child does not feel like doing something you have asked them, as they would rather engage in something feminine-energy oriented, allow them to. Offer a choice without pushing onto them or limiting their belief systems through a filter of your own. Trust that they have the wisdom to develop a sound understanding of themselves and to be themselves.

To all of our brothers and sisters, remember that the choices you make that come from the heart are ones which are more relevant to you and make your life experience more authentic.

Blessings and love

Nathan and Friends