Promoting Unity

Recently I was asked to give a talk on Indigo Children at a design college in Sydney, in front of a panel of academics. I was asked a very simple question which had a very profound answer.

It was something along the lines of ‘if Indigo Children know that they are Indigo Children, what gives them the right to feel like they are in a class of their own?’

To reflect on the nature of this question, yes labels or any sort create a unique signature towards it. And yes children potentially will align or associate with it. What we are aiming to do with our work with Indigo Children is to really look at alternatives to the establishment; the potential misconceptions of the ‘epidemic’-like increases in numbers of children being diagnosed, drugged and misunderstood.

The reasoning behind this work with Indigo Children is not to create separation or to encourage children to think that they are superior, more advanced or better than anybody else, but simply put, we are wishing to express another perspective on ADHD, and to break away from the pre-existing conventions associated with it. Whilst we do acknowledge and respect medical and scientific communities with what they have established, the path which this takes feels like the next step.

The Indigo Children are here and have been for several generations now. While this is expressing one way in which the human species is evolving, with our return to trusting our feelings, intuition, being honest, passionate and willing to focus on life mission, working with, teaching, raising and being inspired by Indigo Children reminds us of aspects within us that we also have access to. It’s all about sharing the love, honouring and respecting who they are and who we are, so that we can maximise our potential, Divinity included, as one of the life purposes of coming here to Earth in the first place.

It isn’t about telling someone, who is broken, better, superior or not and so on. To be honest, I have come across some Indigo Children in the past who did misunderstand this and expressed ulterior motives of being superior in an egotistical way, and this is not empowering either. All in all, it is about teaching and learning from one another, remembering that all of us, as holy children of the Universe, have beautiful gifts and talents to share, and that we are all perfect and enough, just the way that we are.

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, you are all perfect just as you are. You are equal to all on this Earth, just as everyone embodies the spark of Divine love and life. Be free to express yourselves and know that you are all free to be yourselves and to shine.

Blessings and love
Nathan and Friends O:)

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