Conscious Connections

Conscious Connections

Growing up sensitive to others’ energies, thoughts and emotions, I picked and chose who I was comfortable around and my body language, words and actions were reflective of that. It didn’t really matter who it was, whether it was a relative, classmate, friend of a friend, colleague or family member’s friend, associate and so forth.

For that reason, I can remember being asked if I was being shy or rude, or at other times, oppositional or defiant, but when it comes down to it, I think it is neither. Today we are going to explore another perspective.

As many of us were taught to speak politely and respect our elders, those with a certain title, status and make friends with all of our classmates, as an Indigo, I believe that this can be a difficult thing to do, given our level of sensitivity.

Reflecting on this, I can remember times in my life where I have respected and liked the school maintainence worker than the school principal or the individual classmate than the popular, attention seeking ones.

The Indigo has an inner radar which can pick up on the energy, emotions and integrity of another person. Ever get that feeling of picking up a certain vibe from another person? Is their energy draining to be around? Maybe you are picking up on their dishonesty or selfish intentions? Perhaps it is left over junk from a high stress lifestyle?Maybe a vibe that they are not welcoming to you and you feel a bit tense in the stomach?
It could really be anything, however we’re not here to judge others.

So let’s say we are in the presence of someone whom we feel like we are closing off from. Imagine feeling that through your whole entire body; your stomach clenches when you are in the presence of this person, your mouth freezes or clamps shut as you open your mouth to speak, your ears switch off, and you feel sleepy or dizzy around this person.

It might look like shyness or rudeness on the outside but on the inside, this is sensitivity kicking in. It’s not something that can be just turned off either. Of course you can choose to ignore it, but us Indigos also do not feel the need for connections that are not authentic. Deep down inside we are aware of working with the law of attraction to attract what we need and if a connection is not authentic then perhaps that will create more drama or tension in our own bodies too.

When I see and experience this, it is like a brown foggy liquid or energy is pouring out of a person and splashing everywhere onto others.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m excluding myself from others nor do I want to sound like this is the attitude of Indigo children and people with higher sensitivity to others, however you could also think of how a baby responds around certain people too. They have a high level of sensitivity and it just so happens that many of us are conditioned to maintain certain social standards that makes us ignore our true feelings and energetic needs in response to what is going on and who is around us.

It would be unrealistic to avoid every kind of interaction with others during our day to day lives, and we all have different things which resonate with us and don’t resonate with us. This also includes people and specific social dynamics. The cost of sensitivity is sensitivity so as we become more in touch with ourselves, the more of a priority our energetic balance will become as we become more and more aware of it.

I’d like you to illustrate the idea of energetic interactions as fingerprints on our own energy field. Uplifting people and experiences compliment your energy field while the opposite kind of feeling happens with the opposite experience. At the beginning or end of the day or whenever you are feeling like you’ve been around a draining person or situation, call upon Archangel Michael and visualise a cocoon of violet light encapsulating you. Energy work, yoga, meditation, visualisations, sea salt baths, connecting with nature and smudging with sage are some great ways to cleanse your energy and uplift your spirit too.

“My Indigo Brothers and Sisters you have interacted with others naturally and perfectly. You’ve done nothing wrong for taking care of your own needs. You are perfect just the way you are!”

“Archangel Michael I call upon you now. Please come to me and surround me in your violet cocoon of energy. Please release anything which I don’t need anymore and anything which doesn’t belong to me.”