Indigo Children: Visionary Leaders

leadership-153250_640One thing that I have noticed about many Indigo Children is that they are strong and passionate people who make dedicated and focused leaders. The main reason being, that Indigo Children, with their strong strive for the truth and integrity behind their own expressions and what they stand for, are able to channel their creativity in such spontaneous ways. The creativity of an Indigo Child goes beyond measure. This is evident when you take into account the fact that these children begin one project and another and then another. Indigo Children act from their feelings, as they are very right-brained oriented, and this surge of creative design and implemented action is just what any kind of group or organisation of like minds needs to lead them.

Indigo Children, with their high sense of spontaneouty and creative ideas have the potential to provide such a deep level of inspiration that engages the true meaning behind what they are so passionate about. Whilst they might not always get the job done on time, it’s the abilities that they have in generating ideas and beginning them which makes them good leaders. They’re the responsible driving force behind all those exciting new ideas of meaningful organisations. As there needs to be balance in any group or organisation, it can be up to others to follow up on the projects that have begun, whilst new ideas are always springing to life from the Indigo leaders.

My friends, this is just one of the ways that the creative and spontaneous Indigo fire can be channeled to support a purpose. Let the ideas flow out naturally without taking away from the channel itself, and let it come about naturally. As the Indigo Children tend to receive a high amount of information from being Claircognisiant, meaning they have a deep connection to the collective unconscious, this also means that they may not necessarily be able to control what information flows through or when. Keeping this in mind, supportive people can drive and further develop these ideas, whilst the creative indigo continues to supply the ideas rapidly.

From examples I have seen in my experiences growing up as and working with these children, is evident when it comes to group tasks. Sometimes it feels difficult to get started and stay focused on beginning one task or idea. As an Indigo, it almost feels like there is so much excitement about the ideas coming through, so much so, that sometimes it can feel like the amount of choices is overwhelming! That is why we need to work with others who can support us in nurturing the ideas that come through us. The over-excitedness can mean that we can’t stop and it can mean that we don’t finish creative projects if we are left at the helm of making all the decisions.

GrassrootsLeadershipWorking with Indigo Children promotes and encourages everyone to have their say, because whilst ideas keep on coming through, it takes a lot input in a group to bring out thebest potential of that idea- to nurture the plant and really allow it to grow to its fullest. Indigo Children could be seen as the people who want to level the playing field in the hierarchies. As we reflect upon the concepts of nurtured creativity and guided directions for expansion, it brings about a sense of empowered responsibility – to realise and understand that we are not actually as incompetent as we were told in the past, for ‘not finishing work’ or for ‘starting too many things at once’ or being ‘unsettled’.

To understand how our creativity works unlocks a whole new way to understand what it means to be creative and what it means to be supported.

My Indigo Brothers and Sisters, today is a day to acknowledge the flow of great ideas that come to you. To recognise that your ideas are shared ideas in this great ocean of creativity in union with Spirit. Recognise your creativity as an extension of the Creator within you. Each one of you has a unique way to express your creativity and no one is here to tell you otherwise. Allow yourselves to fully shine and reach for the stars.

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends