Cheeky Indigo Children

As we have already established, the Indigo Child is one who is quite intuitive, sensitive to the degree that they can innately detect and discern between truth and dishonesty. They are known as the ones who are very feeling based, to the degree that they feel out what they want to be doing, and can go from place to place, starting task upon task to their heart’s content. From my own childhood and now as an educator, whilst I have noticed that Indigos are the kinds of children that teachers, parents and educators do not always understand, a label is given to them, making them feel like there is something wrong with them. Like ADHD is some kind of defect, when in fact it is a different form of cognition, one which actually has its similarities to those who are ‘gifted and talented’.

In saying this, as labels are given to Indigo Children, they begin to feel like something is wrong and they internalise these labels. Resulting from this is in many cases, a lower sense of self-esteem. These labels may or may not change their understanding of their own innate spiritual gifts, and so they while many of them still have the abilities of intuition, sensitivity, multi-tasking, creativity and inner truth detection, they might not always be channeled into the most positive of ways.

With many Indigo Children who have been displaced in the home and school classroom, we get children who are feeling very vulnerable and sensitive about the things that they have been labelled, and thus need a way for them to feel better about themselves or to keep themselves amused in the boredom of education systems that they engaged by. Some cases of this can look like picking on other children at school or home, or feeling like picking on a different person every week! Others may show this vulnerability and need by lashing out at other teachers and adults. Others take it out on society. The passion builds, the anger builds, and when an Indigo is fired up, they’ll show it seen and unseen ways that are usually quite obvious.

Imagine having inner truth detection abilties and using that as a bully. You’d know what makes others tick and you would feed off it. You would know what truly gets to them and you would continue to do it. Even if the recipient of bullying told the teacher and the teacher told them to ‘just ignore it‘, it would be something that would take a great deal of strength and resilience to overcome. So we need to focus our attention on the bully, cooperate with members of their family and school network and re-educate them in the process. giphy

All those people pointing fingers at you, saying that something is wrong, well this is the only kind of behaviour that you know, and now it’s time for you to carry out this behaviour unto others. What are the effects of this cycle? If we are not learning to accept ourselves and internalise the detrimental impacts of labelling and misdiagnosis, where is our society heading? Meet the Indigo Bully, a creation of this cycle of being ‘bullied’ themselves.

If you are or were one of these children (I know I was when I was younger!) or if you are a parent or an educator, we really really need you to unconditionally love and accept yourselves again and do the same unto others. Bullies create bullies, and it is common for us to fear or put down what we don’t understand ourselves. Although the past is done and dusted, it’s time to pick up the pieces, forgive those who crossed our paths and ‘wronged’ us to some extent. It’s not about holding onto the anger, but being inspired by it, to make a difference and to transform your world and well-being.

Take a forgiveness inventory. Take a large sheet of paper and write down the names of all the people in your life that you need to forgive. It could be small things, it could be large things. Imagine as you write these names on this paper down, that they are standing in front of you and you say (their name), I forgive you, I release you and I am free and you are free.” Imagine pink light wrapping around you both and feel how good it feels to let them go.

It is my prayer that each of you Indigos out there awaken. See beyond the labels, see yourselves as perfectly whole and complete. You are enough just the way you are. You were taught in ways that reflected the ways that others were taught. We need you now to live and lead by example and begin to see the world as you do and no one else. Reclaim your power. Reclaim your truth. You are beautiful.

Love from Nathan and Friends

Taming the Indigo Fire

“A Calling to Indigos” –

Indigos, it is time for you to remember who you are and what you are. Find a creative way to express yourself. Allow yourself to release your emotions, especially your anger, in ways that are beneficial to you but are unharmful to those around you. The world is not out to get you! Let us forgive those who did not understand you, for they were only operating at the highest level of consciousness available to them at the time. Let’s forgive the world, and send love into the world. You are here to make a difference and to make that difference you need to come from a place of love. Look into your heart and learn to feel again! Trust your feelings, trust yourself!

You have your own inner power that makes you strong. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. You are very loved and supported. Your ability to take on multiple tasks at once and be successful in all of them is a blessing. You trust your feelings and you follow them as necessary. You speak your truths honestly and as you do so, you live a life that is more authentic to you. You are a great leader who is able to take on great responsibilities. Your impact makes such a difference in the world.

Live your life according to your story that you are writing. Your experience is yours alone. You are here to pave the way for your children and your grandchildren and the generations to come!

Love from Nathan and Friends


Indigo Children have been born in this world for many generations, with a great influx of them from the 1950s onwards. Jesus was an Indigo, as was Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, and maybe even you, the reader. Indigo Children have an innate truth detector – they know when something is not right and they feel it in every part of their body. They have a drive so great that they can achieve almost anything they set their minds on, however they could also be the ones who are working on many different things at once. Multiple projects and interests are derived from feeling based ways of making choices in life, which sadly gets misunderstood as a form of hyperactivity). They have a high degree of sensitivity and because of that, they can detect truth and honesty and are not afraid to go about in expressing it, which can also be misunderstood as hyperactivity. From a young age, they know that they have been for a reason, a purpose, and they can instinctively feel that they are ‘different’ from the current systems and practices in place. Indigo Children have a strong fire inside of them. It is this fire that makes them very passionate about what they do and what they stand for. On the positive side, it can be what pushes them to achieve so much, however on the flipside, it can be what fuels an intense temperament otherwise.

In my schooling days, the increase of Indigo Children became more apparent when there was an increase in the number of children with ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactive Disorder). Many of these children were and are still known as the naughty children who were disruptive and unable to sit still. They called out and loved attention. Many of these children were and still are being medicated, thus creating a sedative-like effect on them, which in turn limited them from their natural gifts. With a misunderstanding like that, it is easy to understand why many Indigos today feel angry with the world that they grew up in. They were labelled and thus identified with the labels. therefore having impacts on their self-esteem and identity, allowing these labels to manifest in their lives and control them. With anger fuelling their lives, many displaced Indigos find themselves attracting violence and anti-social behaviour into their lives and in worst case scenarios, take it out on other people when all else fails.

When doing my research before writing this blog to see if there were other online blogs focused around Indigo children, many of the things that I had found, surely enough were from Indigo Children. However, perhaps they had not learn to tame their fire, for the content was very negative, unhopeful, and they were lost. This post is not intended to point fingers at anyone, for everyone has my compassion and my love.

It really makes a difference when one who feels different or displaced can understand and connect with themselves and others, realising that they are not all that isolated or alone at all! If you are an Indigo or you know of one who is feeling displaced, turning to anti-social behaviour to cope, I would encourage them to connect with like minds, actually even just learn more about Indigo Children themselves. Learn about who you are, what you are, and where you are. You are here for a very special reason.

There is hope for the planet. Many who are just like you are waking up again. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, you know you’ve been different all of your life and waiting to connect with others just like you. They are out there! As consciousness rises and humanity evolves, it is true to say that we are in fact mutating to an extent of evolution. Higher sensitivity, increased awareness, higher levels of consciousness, enhanced levels of manifestation and advanced levels of spiritual and psychic abilities. It’s all happening and it’s all very real! Take note of the children and the young ones who are achieving such great things today. Childhood and teenage inventors, solutions to aid the environment, generate new forms of electricity and the like. Schools for the gifted and children’s and parents’ groups!

Reach out, connect, and let your passionate fire serve you in the world as you serve it. The Earth needs you!



“Do you see what I see?”

“Oh look at those clear squiggly lines! Do you see them too?”
“Don’t be silly. Stop talking nonsense!”

“Wow what pretty colours and lights! Look over there!”
“Oh you’re just making it up! I can’t see anything”

photo 1The italics reflect on my reactions to seeing energy and orbs when I was a young child. The bold writing reflects on the responses to family, friends and teachers who saw the world differently to me. Reflecting upon this, I had a level of awarness that was not understood by myself or others. To notice these things on an everyday level and in a very natural way prompted me to say such things without really thinking or without realising that those around me had forgotten about what was once an inborn, innate, natural gift.

I’m sure that there are many of you reading that can relate to this. The frustration of stating what we perceive as so obvious and natural, yet so misunderstood by many of those around us. Patience Dear One, patience! Our story is ours just as others belong to others. Nobody is right or wrong here, we are all just operating from our highest level of current understanding. Both sides need to learn to respect multiple perspectives and ways of perceiving life.

As I shyed away from engaging with the Spirit world in my teenage years, it wasn’t until I myself was a school teacher that this came back to me. I noticed what some of the children in my classrooms were talking about. I read their stories during story writing time about imaginary friends, coloured lights and angels visiting their rooms at night. It made me think about my own childhood and the easily dismissed notion and disregard for ‘imagination’ as if it were a bad thing with no relevance in a logically functioning world. I explored and I made the journey to rediscovery and reconnection. I lent an ear to these children who felt encouraged to share more and talk about these things with me. It taught mphoto 2e many great lessons about our spiritual nature and actually how intuitive and aware we are as children. To return to a childlike level of innocence and purity is to reconnect with where we once came.

Something that I am passionate about passing on to other adults, parents and teachers of children is to listen. Listen to what children have to say. Just because as an adult you have been here longer on this Earth than the young ones before you, that does not mean that you automatically know more or that you are always right. Just because your experience of life is different to the way that another individual, another child, experiences life, that does not mean that theirs is invalid or wrong. We all have a voice and we all have a right to share our story in this journey through life.

The idea is not to judge one another based on their experience of life but rather to see to it with open arms, open heart and open mind. Let us all respect one another as individuals without seeing the need to fit us all into one mould, one life experience orone path. Above and beyond, we are all here to shine in our own unique ways.

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends



“Why don’t you just turn it off?” “Why don’t you just try and be normal?”

Experiencing life as a spiritual being is not something that you can turn on or off. Once you’ve crossed the river, there’s no turning back. It’s like discovering that you are alive in another way. When you’re aware that you are alive, that you have a soul, there is no possible way that could ignore your own life whilst still being here.

For me, growing up as an intuitive and sensitive child, it was like being naturally aware and switched on to my own thoughts and feelings quite regularly. I knew what others were feeling and thinking. I saw through people who were not honest. I knew when I was being lied to. I knew when something wasn’t right. I connected with people who I could see as my friends and I could trust instantly rather than connecting with anyone and figuring it out later.

I came from a Catholic background and I was shy about sharing my spiritual gifts like I was some kind of naughty alien. (In retrospect,┬áHiding from what was natural to me was what actually made me the alien!) We never, ever spoke about these things at home or school. I felt confused and powerless because I was taught one thing in school but I was experiencing things differently and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Growing up through my teenage years meant that it was important to be ‘normal’, so I hid from my spiritual gifts. I covered my ears and eyes. I blocked my heart and I ignored messages from Spirit.

Oh it made the road so much more bumpier! So many “should haves” and “would haves” because I had a hunch about something or someone and didn’t follow through with it.

Maybe it was just a lucky guess“, I would say to myself afterwards. That was my comfort phrase. These ‘lucky guesses’ were the same kinds of things that forewarned me about two consecutive knee injuries that I had. I ignored them and it set me back on the path to remembering, strengthening and nurturing whatever this feeling or skill was. I didn’t know what to call it because when I was a child, I didn’t even know there was a name for it, because I was just being normal in my soul’s own eyes, heart and mind.

And so began my journey to reconnect with my Spirituality when I was 20 years old.


Connection to Spirit and communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides through feeling, sight, sound and thought is perfectly normal and natural. With whatever we try to hide from ourselves or others, we end up expending a lot more energy and causing more stress to ourselves and those around us. Be authentic in expressing yourself and you’ll attract experiences that are relevant and authentic to you. This might not always mean the easiest path but it is the most rewarding, fulfiling and nourishing one at that.

To be normal is to be natural and comfortable with yourself before considering what level of comfort others have with you. Be honest with yourself and appreciate yourself for all that you are and all that you have. Imagine what could be achieved if everyone knew what their soul’s desires were? This takes me to where I am on my journey now and my passion and intention to empower, educate and enlighten children and their parents and teachers on the magic that will always be a part of their lives. We will explore this in further detail as this blog progresses ­čÖé

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends.

Hello and Welcome to Diary Indigo

ImageHello my name is Nathan and I am a Clairvoyant Healer and a Primary School Teacher from Sydney, Australia. One of my passions and main focus in my work is to empower, educate and inspire adults and children and reconnect them with their own inner-awareness and appreciation of themselves.

I have been inspired from my own misunderstood childhood and youth to impart wisdom and valuable life lessons and skills to support intuitive and sensitive children and their families. I decided to write this blog as a reflective tool and an educational resource for people wanting to learn more about the nature of our innate spiritual gifts and what goes on in my life as I apply these principles to daily living.

Being empowered, intuitive, and spiritual is not about putting on an act or changing into a different mode, thought pattern or way of expressing yourself as an act, costume or occupation, but rather it is woven into every aspect of life.

I would like to invite you to join me on a journey of exploring life as an intuitive and sensitive person and many of the important life lessons that have been shown to me along the way. Perhaps you’ll find relevance in the things that we write about, as you may be on the road to discovering more about yourself or you too are an intuitive and sensitive person, meaning that you are very in touch with yourself and your inner voice, gut feeling and Divine guidance.

Return to who you are, what you are and where you are. Life is a treasure and there are amazing discoveries to find within yourself at every moment.

Blessings and love,
Nathan and Friends